Double posting

I've read many articles, posts, forums about the usefulness of Gemini.

Some think that Gemini is a bad idea, because it is necessary to install a specific client to browse content.

On the other side, some do not trust their web browser any more, even if it could load and display lightweight and respectful web sites : it is too dangerous because you don't know if you really go to a light site or a bloated one before loading it.

I agree with both points of view. That's why I prefer to use a solution able to double post content, in gemini and http+html. It permits to access it with a classical web browser (in a lightweight format) and with a gemini client.

Several production chains are possible

Standard static site generators

If use already use a site generator, such as Hugo, it's easy to produce gemini format in parallel of html version.

Bacardi55 explains how he does that with Hugo

Hugo-to-Gemini Markdown converter does the job without touching the standard Hugo produtcion chain

Proxying gemini content

This approch is totally different, it uses gemini content, which is easy to produce with a simple text editor, as primary source for the gemini capsule and the html rendered version.

Kineto, for example, serve a gemini capsule through http/html (golang)

Ergol-http do the same in a classical web environment (php)

Finally, it's not very difficult to satisfy everyone !