Tinylog structuration

Few months ago, @Drew@friendo.monster imagined a new microblogging format, tinylogs, and proposed a script called lace to aggregate them.

Naturally, some geminautes, who use it, realize that they can reply to each other by mentioning the name of the first author. It becomes a kind of social network.

Several tools are emerging actually to aggregate, publish, reply simply.

The necessity of a documented format for these tinylog is now necessary, that's why @bacardi55@gmi.bacardi55.io has started to write a kind of RFC.

Some useful links if you want to discover this new network:

* lace, the first tinyog aggregator

* gtl, a cli/tui client for tinylogs

* cockpit, an online capsule manager permitting to edit your tinylog, subscribe to others, reply and mention easily (could be installed on gemserv server)

* the incoming tinylog RFC