You deserve a space for free speech - part 1


Internet is, by definition, an interconnexion between networks, that means that several networks are able to communicate to each other. It doesn't mean that your computer is able to connect to a few servers. Unfortunately, this is often what happens. When you connect your machine to the net, you launch a browser and go to sites that everybody know : social network platforms, press sites and maybe a news aggregator. And when you want to share your opinion, you write it on a well-known social network giving it the right to choose if your thought deserve to be published or not.

It's clearly not the good way to use internet !

When your computer is connected to this wide network, it is not only a tool for consuming data, it also can be a server at your disposal. Why don't you use it directly to publish your speech, yourself?

Ok, you don't know how to do that, and it seems complicated to implement. In fact, there are only few technical key points to solve. You have to identify and fix them one after the other.

Let's see in next posts ;-)


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