Mounting an hosting service for capsules ?

Server is ready

Now, my little server is ready and host my gemini capsule. But this server is almost empty.

# df -h
Filesystem          Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1            19G  2.2G   16G  13% /
/dev/sda3           894G   77M  849G   1% /home
//192.168.X.X/Moon  3.7T  673G  3.0T  19% /moon

And ADSL bandwidth is very huge for a capsule : 6Mb/s up and 23Mb/s down, I consider it is sad to use all this technology just for my poor capsule.

So, what should I do now ?

Machine is freshly installed, secured, with a daily backup on "Moon". Installing a secure FTP over TLS server would take 5 minutes, buying a funny space related domain name is really cheap.

It is clearly very easy to open access to every person who need/want to try to manage its own capsule. Mounting a small community of a shared space is clearly a pleasant adventure.

However, I know there are other hosting services for gemini over the net and I don't know if it is really useful to propose a new one.

I'll be happy to know your opinion about that:

fediverse is the place for this discussion.