Self-hosting or rent a VPS

I really wonder what is the best solution for hosting a gemini capsule.

Self-hosting on a low power pc such as a NUC or even a rapsberry pi seems a good solution but it needs also a router, an adsl box or what ever and of course a power source. At home, in France, I don't really know the origin of electricity.

On the other side, big datacenters providers make many efforts to have "green" infrastructure, with various cooling system, mastered energy sources, and shared hardware. A VPS is only a part of one of these PC.

Maybe a small VPS (1 vCPU, 1 Gb of RAM and few Gb of storage) is more "lowtech" than a self-hosted PC.

And what if several capsules share the same VPS ?

What is your opinion ?

Let's discuss on fediverse.


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